What is M-Afya?

It is a plan that allows pregnant women to set aside money for maternity fees using lipa na M-PESA services. These payments can be made in small amounts over a period of time that suits each individual. The funds can only be used for maternity services at specific healthcare facilities.

What are the benets of M-Afya plan?

  1. Payments can be made anytime of the day from anywhere.
  2. You do not need to come to the health facility to make your payment.
  3. The plan is available at a health facility close to you.
  4. All transactions from your M-pesa account to your M-Aya account are free of charge.
  5. You will be provided with information on the status of your payments every week.
  6. You will receive weekly information on how to take care of your pregnancy once you are registered.

Who can use the plan?

Any pregnant woman can use the M-Afya plan.

When can I use the plan?

As soon as you realize you are pregnant

How do I register?

To register for M-Afya plan please visit one of the following M-Afya service providers:

  •  St. Patrick Health Care in Kayole - 0724 562 146
  •  St. Begson clinic in Kayole – 0713 993 787
  •  Maria Maternity Nursing Home in Kayole – 0725 077 776
  •  Patanisho Nursing Home in Kayole – 0724 532 637
  •  Unity Nursing Home in Umoja – 0701 861 355
  •  Emmaus Nursing Home in Umoja – 0720 806 279
  •  Utawala Estate Health Centre in Utawala - 0711 291 881
  •  Alice Nursing Home in Mukuru – 0713 172 432
  •  Imara Health Care in Mukuru – 0720 806 256
  •  Baldo- Ippolita in Mukuru – 0720 900 531

You are advised to only pay via M-pesa for M-Afya

How do I transfer money to an M-Afya account?

First visit an M-Afya service provider for registration. You will receive an SMS conrming your registration. Thereafter:

Step 1Go to M-pesa menu and select ‘lipa na M-pesa’

Step 2Select paybill option then business number:657457

Step 3Enter your phone number as the account number

Step 4Enter the amount you wish to transfer to your M-afya account then click OK to confirm

You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-afya and another from M-pesa

Who can make the payments?

Anyone besides yourself can make payments into your account on your behalf e.g. partner, guardian, friends and or relatives. To do this they will require your phone number (or the number you used to register for M-Afya) which acts as your account number.

How much does M-Afya cost?

Enrolling for M-Afya is free.

Cost of maternity will vary depending on the healthcare facility you choose. Users are encouraged to conrm the costs with the M-Afya supported healthcare facility before commencing payments.

What will happen if I do not use my M-Afya funds?

In the event you do not use your funds, the health facility will discuss with you the following options:

  1. Refund the money
  2. Access other services within the facility

How safe are my funds?

Funds stored in your M-Afya account are safe. The funds are stored in a secure and protected location and will only be released once you verify that you have received the services.

For more information kindly get in touch with any M-Afya service provider listed above.

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